CrossFyre 2015
2 - 3 November 2015
Nijmegen - Netherlands


Travelling to Nijmegen

    By Plane:
  • Schiphol Airport (link). From Schiphol you can take the train directly to Nijmegen.

  • Eindhoven Airport (link). When arriving at Eindhoven Airport, take bus 401 to Eindhoven Central Station. From there you can take the train to Nijmegen.

  • Maastricht Aiport (link). Take a train from Maastrict airport to Nijemgen central station.

  • Airport Weeze (link). Airport Weeze, Germany, is a small airport close to Nijmegen. To get from the airport to Nijmegen, you can make use of the shuttle service (link). Note that you have to place a reservation for the shuttle at least 4 hours beforehand! Reservations can be made through their website.

  • Düsseldorf Aiport (link). From Düsseldorf Airport it is possible to get to Nijmegen by train. Check the website from the German railways (link) to plan your journey.

  • Cologne Aiport (link). You can fly from Cologne to Amsterdam, and take a train to Nijmegen, or take a train from Cologne Airport to Nijmegen Central Station.

  • Brussels Aiport (link). You can fly from Brussels to Amsterdam, and take a train to Nijmegen, or take a train from Brussels Airport to Nijmegen Central Station.

  • By Train:

    There are direct trains between Schiphol and Nijmegen. During the weekends, you might have to change trains in Utrecht. To plan your journey by train use either the website from the Dutch Railways (link) or the planner for all public transport (link).
    There are also direct trains from France and Belgium to Nijmegen Central Station. For more information, please refer to

    By Bus:

    To get to Radboud University from Nijmegen Central Station by bus, take line 10 to ‘Heyendaal’. From there it is a 5 minute walk to the Mercator Building.

    To travel with public transportation around Nijmegen you can either use an OV Chipkaart (link) or buy a ticket on the bus. You can buy an OV Chipkaart at the train station (using the machines or at the service desk). The card costs around €7.50 and needs to be charged before it can be used for travelling. A single trip to the hotel using the OV Chipkaart costs €1.57. Buying a ticket on the bus costs €3 for a single trip.

    To plan your journey by public transport, the following site can be used:

    By Taxi:

    The taxi fare from the train station in Nijmegen to the conference hotel is about €10. Usually, there are taxis waiting at the station.

    By Bike:

    Bikes can be rented at Rijwielshop Station Nijmegen (link) located underneath the square in front of Nijmegen Central Station. Prices are from €7.50 for a day and €35 for a week. To rent a bike a deposit of €50 is required.

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